Eight Reasons to Take the "No Text or Next" Pledge:

  1. I will only use text to communicate short clear messages that can’t be misunderstood. Like “I am running late,” “I am here,” “I am thinking of you,” “I miss you,” I love you” etc.
  2. I will not use texting to ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. When I am asked a question that requires a response greater than yes or no, I will respond, “This is probably not a text conversation – Can we talk?”
  3. I will not use text to wimp out of difficult conversations where tone of voice and eye contact are required for understanding.
  4. I will insist on phone or in-person communication when I want to understand someone better and when being understood is important to me. 
  5. I will not continue to communicate with someone that I have met via chat or a dating app after 3 days of instant messaging communication without a plan to talk via the phone or meet in-person.
  6. “Playful” text (with or without photos) are reserved for close family, friends and partners ONLY.
  7. When meeting someone new, especially when dating is a consideration, I will ask that texting and instant messaging not be used for 30 days, as this type of communication creates a false sense of intimacy and unspoken expectations that KILL relationships.
  8. I will not use texting or instant messaging to bully anyone and if I am being bullied I will simply respond “NEXT” and not give this person any more of my attention. This is also good strategy for dealing with negative “Comment Trolls” on blog and social posts.


What is your reason for taking the No Text pledge?  Take the Pledge Now and Let Us Know.  Spread the word via social with #NOTEXTNEXT

Reasons to Take the Pledge

We started with 8 and you gave us more! One of our new favorites: "Because my mom never understood what LOL meant anyways!"

You don't stand alone!

Standing for better communication and meaningful conversation looks good on you!

One Less Text and counting!

These fingers are made for blowing kissing and other positive hand gestures, not texting! One person pledging to make one less text a day is a lot less texts for a whole year!!

Read the Article on Huffington Post that started it all - I WAS CATFISHED: THIS IS WHAT I DECIDED TO DO ABOUT IT

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